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Skin Stapler

Finally. A Reloadable, Reusable, Autoclavable, Affordable
Surgical Skin Stapler For Veterinarians

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VetTRENDS® is pleased to introduce the rapID fixed-head, multi-use, reloadable skin stapler. Over the years, many veterinary clinicians have come to realize that skin stapling is much faster, more accurate and consistent than suturing by hand.

However, the rapID skin stapler now allows the veterinary clinician all the benefits of skin stapling without the environmental and cost concerns. No more begging your local human hospital for discarded staplers. No more concessions. Finally a reusable, reloadable skin stapler that meets all your skin stapling needs!

The rapID skin stapler is the only affordable, reliable solution for ideal veterinary wound closures.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Designed by Dale Kosted, DVM, specifically for veterinarians.
  • Clear handle makes it easy to spot contaminants.
  • Uses reloadable cartridges containing 35 stainless steel staples.
  • Environmentally friendly — Autoclavable handle (10 or more times greatly reduces the number of handles disposed of into the environment.
  • Improves patient safety by considerably reducing surgery and anethesia time.
  • An angled tip design helps you maintain a clear view of the incision line at all times
  • Lightweight but durable with a comfortable ergonomic grip design.
  • Simple to use — simple to reload
  • Designed to reduce problems with rotated staples.
Skin Stapler